The Exquisite Beauty of Honesty

by guestinyourheart

I’ve watched this video several times. It’s gut-wrenching and painful and makes me cry. But more, it touches me and is healing and in a strange way makes me happy.

It’s gut-wrenching because of what this man is speaking about (watch it, I won’t give it away) but it makes me happy because he’s telling the raw and honest truth about his experience. To me, this is exactly why art in whatever form (music, writing, storytelling) is necessary. We live in a culture where we smile a lot even if we are hurt, where we have to perform in various ways even when it’s difficult to handle day-to-day tasks. When someone pierces through the going through motions and is truthful it is a rare gift that says we are all human. And in that raw pain, there is such strength and honor and bravery and I’m not sure why we hide that from one another? It’s beautiful, stunning and staggering and it is intimate. Even over the internet. Even on this blog.

Thank you Katelyn for posting this on facebook. I’m so glad I didn’t miss seeing this. I’m glad I was able to share it with another father in my life who also is living in colliding worlds of his own. And it makes me desperately ache to keep writing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.