5-Second Makeover & Keep Writing

by guestinyourheart

Another link to writing published on the home page (ya!) of http://www.tasteforlife.com and if, like me, the sociologist in you is curious as to what others perceive as old and young and why and the more superficial side of you wants to know low or no cost things you can do about it – this piece is for you.

I spend most of my energy caring about issues that shape us on the inside. However, anything I can do to appear a bit more vibrant that keeps me healthy and whole is welcome.

As for the internal world, I’m writing lots of memoir and while I need to write to process my emotions, I also need time and space to gain perspective. In other words, I need more time and wisdom before I publish so what’s “raw” has a chance to get ripe. All experiences make for great material and I’m mining all of mine. But for now I’m making sure only to keep writing. I will think about if, what, where and when to publish at another time.

For any writers at all levels I say just keep showing up on the page or at the keyboard. If you save your work you can decide what’s worth sharing with a wider audience, what’s journal venting and what you might want to share with a close friend or no one and what you might offer up to the world.

There’s no rush. No hurry.

Write on.