Favorite Poem, Dogfish

by guestinyourheart

I have loved this poem by Mary Oliver so long I remember the various ages and stages I have been in when I have read it. I love how poetry can be like a psalm that never stops informing, soothing and speaking to the spirit. This poem resonates with me every time I read it or hear it spoken. Different lines speak to me depending how I’ve matured, what I’ve endured or what’s happening in or around my life. But the music in the words mixing with the wisdom do some sort of magic every single time.

So, on the chance they do even a little bit of that for you on this day that doesn’t know if it wants to shine bright and sunny or soak itself in rain, I share a poem from one the great writers still alive in our time.

I am linking to a site because, frankly, it’s already typed out. The poet is Mary Oliver.