Shocking Video! But Why?

by guestinyourheart

I saw this video posted on Facebook today.

It shocked me the first time I watched as though porn was live streaming on my computer. I was a bit offended and had a WTF reaction.

We live in a culture where women are props in videos all of the time, so often that it barely gets attention. I consider myself a feminist but even after I watched the original video I still found it somehow less shocking than the mock version. Over time, I’ve become desensitized which is why this video is brilliant. It woke me up and I’ve watched it five times already.

It’s direct. It’s provocative. It’s also sad because. How come we have to reverse roles completely in order to see the core sexism that can just seem somehow acceptable because it’s so pervasive and common?

I’m passing this along as it made me think and laugh, off and on, all morning.