The Elephant Journal Version & Note

by guestinyourheart

Sometimes We Need to Get Lost to Be Found. ~ Christine White

I love how the editor at Elephant Journal made the URL to my piece “the joy of being lost” which might have been a possible title. There is joy after being lost that no one could ever convince you of while you are confused. It’s that special way of being in love with the world that comes only after change and because of it – especially the kind of change you thought you didn’t even want or welcome or see any benefit from. 

So today, when I see on the Elephant Journal that hundreds of people have read a piece and a dozen or so have shared the words on their Facebook page I’m humbled. It’s not just the byline high. That’s nice. I’m not going to lie, it’s yummy. But I’ve felt that before with more traditional reporting and it doesn’t compare to how I feel writing the vulnerable stuff which is scary but also gratifying – like getting naked. Intimate. Sacred. Scary. Tender. 

I love writing, need writing and believe in writing. Anyone can write. Everyone can write. Not everyone wants or needs to publish but everyone has a story. Everyone has something to say. The things that are most difficult to say probably need to be said the most. Writing it not difficult for me. It can be time-consuming but I don’t find it hard. Promoting the work and doing anything that feels like selling it is excruciating and awkward and uncomfortable. Like farting. Not tender. Normal. But not delightful. 

However, thanks to the encouragement of loved ones I’m right up on my comfort zone. Stacey, one of the women in my writing group said to try to think of it as making work available for others to find. My friend Heidi showed me around Twitter and how and why it can be fun to use. When the cousin of my cousins promoted his work on Facebook I was thrilled for him and didn’t feel like he was trying to get me to buy from his Avon catalog.

I write, in part, because I’m an introvert and feel most myself on the page. I write to feel more connected to myself and others and in hope that others feel inspired or less alone and want to dive back into the larger world.

I debated changing my blog name and making a writer website that’s more clear but I didn’t. If you are reading my  words you are a guest in my heart. If you are reading my words, for a while, I am a guest in yours. Whether you ask me to leave or I invite you back is another matter. But we share something in the words at least for a moment.

And what more could a writer ask?