Energy Vampire Piece / Happy October!

by guestinyourheart

I just found out Taste for Life on Facebook is re-running my piece about Energy Vampires.

It’s exciting to see older words get new life because it is a new season or holiday.

I was a reporter almost thirty year ago and it was long before the world was online. “Byline highs” are what my editor would call it when you would get a feeling of satisfaction seeing your own name in the paper.

Back then, I would read a piece as though I were a teacher, or a friend, my sister or someone I wanted to date. I imagined how the writing would sound to them, and how my ego would inflate if I thought they would think more/better of me.

Now, we are in the land of “likes” and literally see if our writing is shared or commented upon, if the words lead people back to the blog (and there are stats to know just how many). It’s pretty thrilling and odd as hell to be playing number games in the world of words.

I’m glad the Taste for Life Editor (go Lynn!) let me know so I can feel part of the conversation and find out what others relate to, experienced or learned about a topic.

Not only has it been an interactive and satisfying writer day I discovered coconut as seasoning for sole and learned how to make asparagus that my daughter would actually eat.