Storm Photos on CBS

by guestinyourheart

O.k., I’m no photographer. I’m not being modest, I know real photographers who take the shots, know the mechanical settings and who make a living or a serious hobby from that art.

I am not one of those people. But, the bench at the end of my street was memorable yesterday during high tide and none of those photographers was to be found.

So, I took a few shots and a neighbor told me to send them to the local news which I did. So they are here, with other AMAZING shots of a storm and cold weather we won’t soon forget.

The neighbors I live by, but don’t always party with, gathered in front of my fireplace last night to drink in relief (and booze). We made it through the cold, the shoveling and hopefully the worst blizzard of the year.

One of my friends, on Jan. 1st said, “2014 is already way better than 2013” to which I say, “Here. Here.”