3 More Days Until Spring & Heal Write Now Launch!

by guestinyourheart

My new blog and website http://www.healwritenow.com launches on Thursday when it is supposedly going to be spring though I’m too cold to believe that right now. What I do know is that Heal Write Now will have two main parts:

1. a blog

2. an inspiration page

The blog will be much like what I’ve written here but geared towards an audience of people who have survived childhood in trauma. After all, the tag line is: How to live on earth when you were raised in hell. There will be writing and healing prompts if you want to think, write and share about life after crisis and trauma.

The inspiration page has visually cued links to writing, research, quotes, music and mindfulness practices and general soothing.  That is geared towards anyone living with post-traumatic stress no matter what the cause or where in the recovery process you are.

Here’s a preview of what will be on that page:

Tweaked, Freaked or Post-Traumatically Stressed Out? Wondering how it can hurt so bad when you can’t feel a thing? Pull up a cyber blankie and use the shortcuts to find what you need.

  • Literary Inspirations & My Memoir Writing. You aren’t broken – just symptomatic for relapse or prevention.
  • Research & Talks. Trauma sucks but you don’t.
  • Go to Love Notes to your Nervous System if you don’t have a therapist on speed dial but crave TLC.
  • Get Back In Your Body links to guided imagery, stretches and moving contemporary dance if staying with sensations is harder than doing a Rubik’s cube wearing a blindfold? 
  • If you want to cry but can’t find release go to Music & Songs to court your tears.
  • Go to Movie / TV Scenes if you want to stop obsessing or seek momentary distraction.

I hope you’ll follow my blog or give the link to any trauma survivor in your life. If you have quotes or resources or information you want to share, please do! My next post will be a live link to the new site. Til then, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

P.S. here’s the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/HealWriteNow?ref=hl