Christine “Cissy” White

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Guest in Your Heart blogger Christine Cissy White got tired of saying no to herself and wait-a-minute to life. The girl who used to do it all by the book is dead. The one who used to search high and low to find an expert who could tell her how to live life. She devoured reference books and self-help manuals to try to get a leg up on how to live it better. She believed she needed someone other than herself to tell her how.

At 40, she wrote in her diary, “I will no longer lie to myself. I will no longer pretend that what I think should make me happy is actually making me happy.” And how her life went to shit and how everything she thought she knew about life, marriage and even healing, was blown to bits.

It is about the death of my smugness and the realization that so much of what she had “known” to be true was not. It’s about how this turned out to be the most amazing  transformation she is grateful for having.